Ninth Street Espresso is a coffee roaster and retailer in NYC. We opened our first

retail location in 2001 in the East Village with the goal of serving great coffee to the neighborhood.

Since then we've opened five retail locations and a roasting facility in Brooklyn and Manhattan but

our goal is the same as it was seventeen years ago. We're still doing our best to make great coffee

and to get it into your hands. Come have a coffee, then come back tomorrow. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over our seventeen years of business; The regulars who have sat

on the same benches in front of 9th Street since the doors first opened; The visitors who came to us with no

expectations and no memory of their experience; Our friends, family, and neighbors;

To those we've seen come into this world and to those we've seen go; To everyone who has worked with us,

hundreds of people, thousands of hours, months and years at a time; Thank you all. 

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All of our coffee is roasted in Manhattan and ships next business day. Want better coffee? buy locally.

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